!!! COVID-19 Coronavirus Emergency !!!

As this deadly virus spreads throughout the North Country, the Piercefield Town Board and Piercefield Volunteer Fire Company would like to inform residents that we are here to help meet your needs.
If you find yourself needing assistance to get food or other items, please call or email the following people:


Neil Pickering -> 518-593-1332,  581-359-3664,  518-359-7098, blvdws@gmail.com
Linda Pickering -> 518-359-8233, blvdws@centralny.twcbc.com
Amy Lalonde -> 518-304-3141
Jay Rust -> 518-359-9660, 518-359-7095


All are encouraged to follow precautions to slow the spread while work is being done to create a vaccine. Wash hands frequently. Wear a protective face mask. Avoid crowded areas. Restrict travel. Purchase two weeks food supplies and necessities for your household in the event you have to self-quarantine, but don’t hoard. Others need to prepare for their households also. Keep in communication with your neighbors and be of help where you can. If you feel sick, call your physician and follow his/her advice.

Covid-19 Progression

There are three patterns presented with Covid-19,” says Stuczen. “It usually begins with mild upper respiratory illness followed by non-life-threatening pneumonia. After about 7 days it can progress to severe pneumonia with acute respiratory distress syndrome when the patient may require life support. In severe pneumonia, lungs are filled with inflammatory material. They are unable to get enough oxygen to the bloodstream, reducing the body’s ability to take on oxygen and remove carbon dioxide what in most cases causes death. About 1 out of 6 people who contract Covid-19 becomes seriously ill and develop difficulty breathing.”

What to Do if You Feel Like You Have It

“Anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms, high temperature, new, continuous cough or shortness of breath should stay at home and self-isolate immediately,” says Stuczen. “People with mild symptoms are able to recover at home.

  • Make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Proper hydration is very important in your recovery process.
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen as there are many reports confirming that they exacerbate the condition. Take Tylenol instead.
  • Separate yourself from other people at home as much as possible and do not share personal household items such as cups, plates, drinking glasses, towels or bedding.  You should stay in one room and use a separate bathroom if available.
  • Wash your hands very often.
  • You should also restrict contact with pets and animals. It is recommended that people with the virus limit contact with animals until more information is known.
  • If you need to leave home make sure you wear a facemask and you keep at least six feet distance from other people.
  • Remember that you may only experience mild symptoms and recover quickly but if you don’t use all precautions you may infect other people with weaker immune systems. Their bodies may not be able to cope with the virus and it may cost their life. Everyone reacts to this virus in a different way and we need to make sure we protect not only ourselves but also people around us.”

If Your Symptoms Worsen

“If your symptoms are worsening (for example you have difficulty breathing) seek medical care immediately,” says Stuczen. “Don’t go to hospital or doctor’s office. Call ahead and tell them your symptoms. They will tell you what to do.

In Recovery

You can leave home after at least 7 days have passed since your first symptoms appeared and you have no fever for a minimum 72 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fever and all other symptoms have improved such as cough or shortness of breath.”


Early History


The Piercefield Town Board is the governing authority, with Neil Pickering as the current Supervisor. Regular Town Board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall, which is located at 48 Waller St. All are welcome to attend. If you have questions or issues for the Board’s consideration, we encourage you to bring them to us.

Our Town Clerk is Christielee Geiger. Her office hours are Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5:30-8:30pm, and Mondays 9:00am-3:00pm. The phone is 518-359-7544 and you may leave a message if the office is closed. She takes care of various licenses and permits, water district billing, property tax collection, etc.

The Town Justice is  the Honorable Jonn Kopp. Court is held the first and third Thursdays of each month. Our court clerk is Bridgette LaPierre (518-359-2237). They will be able to help with traffic violations, or any civil or criminal actions that occur within the Town.

Building Permits are required in the Town of Piercefield. Flora McCuen is our Town Assessor and Code Enforcement Officer. She may be reached at 518-359-7569, or on Tuesdays through Thursdays, at 315-848-3304 ext.304. She can advise you as to whether or not you need a permit for the work you wish to do, and issue one if necessary.

The Town Planning Board is in charge of all subdivision, site planning, and development. If you have any questions in this regard, feel free to contact Susan Kennedy at 518 524-1142.

The Piercefield Transfer Station is open to Piercefield residents/property owners Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm year round, with Sundays 8:00am to noon added in the summer months, except that due to the Covid-19 situation, Sunday closure is currently in effect until further notice. Rick Lamoy is currently our Transfer Station attendant. He will issue your $10.00 annual permit and provide you with a schedule of rates for items you wish to discard. See also our “Departments” page on this site to find the Transfer Station Rates Schedule.

Our Town Historian and Piercefield Museum Curator position is currently available. If you are interested in this position, please contact Supervisor Neil Pickering. Piercefield has a rich history in timber products from the early 20th century, having been home to a large paper mill and also a lumber mill.

The Town Highway Department maintains the roads, parks, Town-owned properties, and Water Districts. Any related questions may be directed to Highway Superintendent Jay Rust at 518-359-9660.