The Town of Piercefield Historical Museum is in need of a Historian! You don’t have to know a lot about Piercefield’s history to apply. We’re looking for some eager to learn and willing open our museum a few days a week throughout the summer. Please call 518-359-7544 to apply!


Piercefield Town Board is in need of ONE Board Member ASAP. If sitting on our Town Board is something you have thought of in the past, NOW is your time. You may inquire more about this position by emailing prcfd177@gmail.com or calling 518-359-7544. Better yet, join us this Thursdays Board Meeting at 7:30pm.


Notice of Assessment Roll

Supervisor Appointments 2023

2023 Piercefield Tentative Assessment Roll

2023 Final Adopted Budget


PW Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2022

CW Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2022


Early History

The Piercefield Town Board has a VACANT seat is the governing authority, with Joe Denis as the Acting Supervisor. Regular Town Board meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm in the Town Hall, which is located at 48 Waller St. All are welcome to attend. If you have questions or issues for the Board’s consideration, we encourage you to bring them to us.

Our Town Clerk Christielee Geiger is resigning as of 6/30/2023. Her  deputy Paige Phillips will finish her term and run for office during the November elections.The Town Clerks CURRENT office hours are Monday-Tuesday 9:00-2:00pm and Thursday evenings 5:00-8:00pm, and. The phone is 518-359-7544 and you may leave a message if the office is closed. She takes care of various licenses and permits, water district billing, property tax collection, etc.

The Town Justice is  the Honorable Jonn Kopp. Court is held the first and third Thursdays of each month. Please call 518-359-2237, they will be able to help with traffic violations, or any civil or criminal actions that occur within the Town. Our Court Clerk is Sherri Snyder.

Building Permits are required in the Town of Piercefield. Our Code Enforcement Officer is Nick Snyder and can be reached at 315-854-3953. He can advise you as to whether or not you need a permit for the work you wish to do, and issue one if necessary.

The Town Planning Board is in charge of all subdivision, site planning, and development. We are currently look for a Planning Board Chair, if you are interested in this position please contact the  Acting Supervisor, Joe Denis at 518-359-7131.

The Piercefield Transfer Station is open to Piercefield residents/property owners Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00am to 4:00pm year round, Rick Lamoy is currently our Transfer Station attendant. He will issue your $10.00 annual permit and provide you with a schedule of rates for items you wish to discard. See also our “Departments” page on this site to find the Transfer Station Rates Schedule.

Our Town Historian and Piercefield Museum Curator position is currently VACANT. Piercefield has a rich history in timber products from the early 20th century, having been home to a large paper mill and also a lumber mill.

The Town Highway Department maintains the roads, parks, Town-owned properties, and Water Districts. Any related questions may be directed to Highway Superintendent Jay Rust at 518-359-9660.