Town of Piercefield Adopted Budget 


UPDATED Policies:

Investment Policy

Procurement Policy 2023

Local Laws

Dog Control

Noise Control

Stop Work Authorization

Fire Code

Property Maintenance

Ethics and Disclosure

Site Plan & Subdivision

Firefighters Exemption

Piercefield Building Code Law #2 2022



Snowmobiles 1972

Overnight Parking

House Trailer and Camping 1990

Unsafe Building 1982

Building Construction 1973

Water Rent 1984

Bingo 1976



Sexual Harassment

Random Drug Screening

Health Insurance

Worker’s Comp

Part Time Employees

Other Documents

Town Archives – (past town documents)

22-1-01 Officials Undertaking

22-2-01 Fire Contract

22-3-01 Renewal Sen Discount

22-4-01 Holding Harmless

22-5-01 Dog Licenses

22-6-01 Destination of Bank


22-8-02 SLC Holding Harmless

22-9-02 Support Reopening Trail

22-10-02 Town Clerk Pay

22-11-03 Second Notice Fee

22-12-03 Audit Justice Books

22-13-06 Mowing Contract and App. A

22-14-07 Savings Accounts

22-15-08 Appointed Health Officer

22-16-09 Appointed Board Member

22-17-09 Appointed Acting Supervisor

22-18-09 Youth Center Resolution

22-20-09 Adopting Preliminary Budget

Tax Cap Override Resolution

22-21-10 Increase Highway Superintendent Salary 

22-22-10 Change Deputy Clerk to Salary VS Hourly Pay

22-23-10 Life Flight

22-24-11 Water user charges

22-25-11 Water re-levy

22-26-11 Adopting Final 2023 Budget

22-27-12 Transfer Money

22-28-12 Budget Amendment

22-29-12 Communication by Email